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Soroche - Automated Teller Machines and money exchange
Calendar of parties and Anniversary of the counties - Distances

"Soroche" known as altitude sickness, it is basically due to the lack of oxygen. At 10.860 feet Cusco is one of the highest cities in the world. Soroche is caused by rarefaction of the air at great altitudes, people that arrive in Cusco by plane are apt to have "soroche". Symptoms occur within the first 48 hours (although also much later), among the symptoms we have headaches, nausea, vomit, lack of appetite, suffocation, insomnia, dizziness, palpitation and lack of concentration.

The best way to prevent "soroche" is to try to relax and take it easy the first day. It is important that people carry out their activities gradually. It is a very good idea to rest the first day, avoid meat, alcohol and smoking. The local remedy is mate de coca, a tea made from the coca leaf. The most effective preventive measure is acclimatization by a two to four day stay at intermediate altitude and gradual ascent to higher elevations.

It is convenient to drink a lot of water. Paracetamol is ideal for headaches. We recommend not to wait to feel really sick to ask for oxygen, some hotels have as well as pharmacies and hospitals. If you require oxygen ask for an out flow of 2 3 l/min. It is important that you walk slow and don't make any great physical efforts. 
Another way to prevent and treat "soroche" is going to see your doctor in your home country he can prescribe what is better in each case.

Getting to Cusco
By plane
Alejandro Velasco Astete airport is located in Quispiquilla, 10 minutes away from the city. It has just been remodeled and modernized.
Passengers from international flights should go through Customs and Migration. Keep an eye on your luggage!!! If you arrive with an organized tour the Agency will be waiting for you with a sign at the exit of the terminal. If you travel on your own you can take a taxi that should not charge more than 6 nuevos soles. Official taxis are more reliable.

In order to avoid inconveniences with your airline ticket reservation we recommend that you reconfirm your return flight 48 hours before your departure. If you decide to extend your stay you can get advise from migration agencies at the airport or in the Main Office which is located near the Post Office (Avenida Sol).

International departure: You have to pay USD 25, after your checking formalities and prior to Customs control.
Domestic flights: You have to pay approx. USD 3.50 by way of airport tax. This tax should be paid before going to the Gates.
By train
Cusco has two train stations. Trains arriving from Quillabamba and Machupicchu arrive at the San Pedro station. Trains arriving from Puno, Arequipa and La Paz (Bolivia) arrive at Huanchac station (Av. Pachacutec s/n). These places are always full of people therefore we have to admit that pickpockets exist, be careful! If you have to take a taxi within Cusco the tariff should not exceed 3 soles.

PeruRail does not accept credit cards or travelers checks so when you buy your ticket to Machupicchu you should pay it in cash dollars or soles.
By bus 
Buses coming from Pisac, Calca and Urubamba (Sacred Valley) arrive to Av. Tullumayo, the buses from Oropesa, Urcos and Sicuani arrive to Avda. Manco C�pac (Coliseo cerrado). Most buses arrive to the "Terminal Terrestre" located in Tio and Avenida Pachacutec.

Soroche - Automated Teller Machines and money exchange
Calendar of parties and Anniversary of the counties - Distances

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