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Territories of contrast

Cusco could be compared to a door between the mountains; the Amazon jungle and the vast Andean Plateau. This condition results in a landscape of big contrasts, and an enormous biodiversity that have been the support for the development of important cultures as that of the Incas. Its high mountains combine with deep valleys, savannas, great plains and Amazonic tropics.

Today as in the past Cusco is still an important regional center with a great potential that shows the great amount of natural resources. Somebody wrote: Cusco was destined by nature to serve as a warm nest for a culture, a crossing of roads, an Indian acropolis and a quadrant of solar history.

German traveler Schmidt affirms: "The most fantastic prehistoric city that exists in the world
" Hiram Bingham, remembers Egypt in connection with Cusco and says: "It is the most beautiful and magnificent spectacle of the work of man in America".


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